What many of us may not realize is just how important these new New Brunswickers are to our provinces prosperity and continued growth.  New Brunswick is facing an unprecedented challenge of a shrinking workforce.  Employers consistently identify that a lack of skilled workers as their number one challenge and it’s expected to affect the province for several years ahead.

The Government of New Brunswick is hard at work with other partners to solve this problem. We’re trying to keep New Brunswickers here. We’re focused on bringing New Brunswickers back who have left, and we’re working with employers, community leaders and other levels of government to help position New Brunswick as an attractive option for new skilled workers. 

Attracting new New Brunswickers will help all of our citizens by equipping New Brunswick employers with the skilled workers to help their business grow. It will create increased productivity, increased export and drive future investment in the province. This will lead to more service businesses, retail, innovation and development which equals even more jobs for everyone.