The New in New Brunswick is more important today than ever before.  

When we stop and think about what makes us proud to live in New Brunswick, one of the first things that comes to mind is the diversity of our two official languages, cultures and customs we get to experience on a daily basis.  Add to that our world-renowned, friendly nature, and you’ve got the perfect recipe to welcome newcomers looking to help our province continue to grow and flourish.

Today, our province is in need of new New Brunswickers from all over the world, including other parts of Canada, to consider making New Brunswick their home –  to be part of our growing communities as valuable participants in our workforce and to help build the fabric of our communities.

Whether you are part of a welcoming community, an employer who is hiring skilled immigrants, a newcomer building a life in New Brunswick, or an international student who is attending our world class post-secondary institutions – you are all helping to build a better, more prosperous tomorrow for our province. We are all NB!

What many of us may not realize is just how important these new New Brunswickers are to our provinces prosperity and continued growth.  New Brunswick is facing an unprecedented challenge of a shrinking workforce.  Employers consistently identify that a lack of skilled workers as their number one challenge and it’s expected to affect the province for several years ahead.

The Government of New Brunswick is hard at work with other partners to solve this problem. We’re trying to keep New Brunswickers here. We’re focused on bringing New Brunswickers back who have left, and we’re working with employers, community leaders and other levels of government to help position New Brunswick as an attractive option for new skilled workers. 

Attracting new New Brunswickers will help all of our citizens by equipping New Brunswick employers with the skilled workers to help their business grow. It will create increased productivity, increased export and drive future investment in the province. This will lead to more service businesses, retail, innovation and development which equals even more jobs for everyone.

They represent new prosperity, new ideas, new opportunities, new friends and new neighbours. Welcome.

There are so many reasons why welcoming new, skilled New Brunswickers is vital to our province’s long-term success.  By learning the facts it’s very easy to see that skilled foreign workers bring opportunity to our communities.  By welcoming new skilled workers, we can help our communities become stronger, safer and more prosperous.  Our businesses will have an opportunity to grow and new businesses will be started.  It’s a win-win opportunity worth exploring. It’s time for us as New Brunswickers to step up and give these families a warm New Brunswick welcome

What most of us might not think about is how challenging that transition can be as skilled immigrant workers seek new opportunities, integrate into new surroundings and overcome the challenges of being away from the places they used to call home. It’s time for us as New Brunswickers to step up. 

Today, a growing number of places recognize that being welcoming leads to prosperity.

We are seeing a movement begin across New Brunswick. A movement of inclusive communities becoming more prosperous by making everyone feel like they belong. All people, including immigrants, are valued contributors who are vital to the success of our communities and shared future.

Welcoming communities are important to encouraging immigrants and minority groups to participate more fully in community life, which benefits all of us.  By working together, people from many different backgrounds can accomplish much more in terms of building healthy communities than they can accomplish working apart. This also increases our sense of community cohesiveness and belonging, makes communities safer and more secure, increases volunteerism, and creates good relationships between civic officials, local government staff, and area residents.

New Brunswick is participating in The Atlantic Immigration Pilot - a three-year employer-driven immigration program to attract and retain global talent while supporting population growth and addressing labour shortages. The pilot will allow 2000 additional immigrants and their families to come to the four Atlantic Provinces, a key component of both the Atlantic Growth Strategy and the New Brunswick Economic Growth Plan.

Provincial government staff will assist local employers identify, hire and support skilled foreign workers. In turn, successful candidates will be selected for permanent residency by the Federal government.

 Employers interested in participating in the Immigration Pilot Program must meet the following designation criteria:

  • The employer wants to hire full-time, non-seasonal international candidates;
  • The employer and their business are well-established and in good standing; and
  • The employer is committed to meet the settlement needs of international candidate(s) and accompanying family members.