It’s Easier than you think!

With the New Brunswick workforce shrinking and the demand for labour growing, immigrants will play an increasingly important role in growing New Brunswick’s population and labour market.

A wide range of resources are available to New Brunswick employers looking to tap into the skilled immigrant talent pool and grow your business.

Get the Support You Need

Our experienced officers can assist you with finding the right solution for your needs and help you throughout the entire immigration process. In addition to walking employers through the process, we facilitate broadening the talent pool to find candidates for your business. We can help with international recruitment including logistics, pre-selection and full-mission support. We can also connect you with:

  • International students who have graduated from a Canadian college or university;
  • Newcomers (i.e. skilled immigrants who have already arrived) to New Brunswick with the skills you are looking for;
  • Virtual interviews with skilled immigrants abroad.


Employer Responsibilities

Working with our experienced officers, your responsibility as an employer looking for talent is as follows:

  • Demonstrate labour market need (no LMIA required)
  • Recruit and offer a fulltime job that offers a comparable industry wage
  • Work with your community to support your new employee and his or her family
  • Foster a welcoming workplace 

Benefits of Hiring Skilled, Permanent Immigrant Workers

There are many benefits of hiring immigrants. In addition to bringing the needed level of education and expertise in their chosen professions, immigrants can apply their knowledge of international markets to help companies do business in other parts of the world.

Most economic immigrants settling in New Brunswick have families and are looking to establish roots in communities. These new New Brunswickers add to our school population, participate in community groups and foster relationships with coworkers.

Need Help?

The Government of New Brunswick has access to direct economic immigration programs key programs for bringing in new skilled labour to the province. So, if you have been experiencing a chronic shortage of skilled labour and have already tried to hire but are unable to find a qualified candidate in New Brunswick – please contact us!

Resources for Employers:

  1. - Cultural Competency Training -  These workshops inform and engage individuals on cultural differences and how to become culturally dexterous.
  2. Employer’s Guide to Integrating Newcomers in the Workplace : Created by Hire Immigrants Ottawa, Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council and other partners,  it includes a rationale for hiring newcomers, tips for language assessment and foreign credential assessment, as well as tips on how to prepare your workplace for newcomers.
  3. Business Critical: Maximizing the Talents of Visible Minorities – An Employer’s Guide :  Created by the Conference Board of Canada, it offers tools, strategies, and insights to help employers foster inclusive and diverse workplaces that recognize and value the talents of visible minority employees.
  4. Employers’ Guide to Hiring Newcomers  : Created by the Province of Manitoba, it provides tools to: (1) assess an organization’s readiness to hire newcomers; (2) attract and recruit newcomers; and, (3) integrate and retain newcomers.
  5. Diversity at Work : Created by HR Council, it provides information needed to create inclusive and supportive work environments for diverse employees.